How i won the loran scholship: a conversation with anu popola of holy trinity school

We're here at the Student Life, and we've just been congratulated

Our first interview with Ana Popuolis, from the Holy Trinity School at Richmond Hill, ON. She was interned in SickKids, helped gather books for schools in Nigeria and did a lot for her in various ways. I had some questions for her, but I started by asking her to give me a hearing to get a scholarship to win

I was born in Canada, but my background is Nigerian. I have a lot of hobbies, including sports games such as basketball and track, write, play piano and draw. In addition, I am the prefect of my school, and I am helping to launch a public service club in which we are a partner with organizations in Richmond Hill and a volunteer with children and the elderly

Since I was 13, I served as a pianist of my church. I started a project to collect books for schools in my own country, Nigeria, which is still going on. In addition, I organized an event in my school for a month of black history. I had a chance to run an intern at SickKids Hospital for six weeks last summer

When I first heard of Loran Scholarship, I was in grade 9. At that time, in the same year, the student of my school (Taylor Lynn Curtis) was appointed the twelfth student. I did not begin to look deeper into what the scholarship was and what they were looking for in their candidates until the end of the first level

What I'm attracted to is that the Loran Scholars Foundation does not just write you a check and leave you in the world. Instead, they help you access the resources that will help you realize your full potential. In addition to the money, this scholarship is provided with summer experience, all scientists combine with a mentor who will be there for the leadership of their time at the university, and there is the possibility of a network with past and current scientists

I firmly believe that the success of one of them depends not only on the assessments they receive at school. Although evaluations are important in certain contexts, there are other things that can be successful. Many schools pay great attention to the achievements of one of them. This allows students to lose touch with other things that matter. For me, success depends not only on the number or the letter written on the paper. Rather, it is defined by what can be done to make the impact

This will sound so cliché, but the most important thing to remember when applying for any scholarship is to be yourself. Don't try the pressure to be what you think they want you to be. It is not difficult to say that someone is truly sincere or not. In the course of your time at school, to get involved in things you're passionate about. Thus, when there is a time of application, it will not be difficult for you to speak with that experience

It's important to remember that they don't always look at what you did, and why you do what you do and what you have in the future. I think one of the things that helped me through the application process was the fact that I was extremely interested in all the things I wrote about in my app. Besides, I was pretty sure of all of my interviews so that they could get to know me as a person, not just know what I did

At this point, I feel that I'm a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I'm nervous, because I'm going into a whole new environment. I'm not going to live at home, which is obviously pretty scary. However, I am pleased to begin working on many of the goals that I have set for myself and are studying what I love. I can't wait to meet new people, learn about new things and take part

My advice to students, from high school to high school, will be watching to keep an open mind in mind. With an open mind, you will encourage you to the many opportunities that will be available to you at the university. The open mind will, of course, make your transition smoother. It's okay to be afraid. However, until you close yourself from trying to create new things because of fear, you should have a lot of experience

As long as I'm at the university, I'll be joining the clubs I'm interested in. I'm going to look for leadership and volunteer opportunities both inside and outside the campus. After I graduated from my science curriculum, I hope to complete the medical education

My goal is to become a pediatator one day and possibly specialize in cardiology or neurology. I would also like to volunteer with an organization like Doctors Without Borders. I want to provide medical assistance to disadvantaged people living in my home country

During my non-working hours, I really like to make music (though I can't sing)! I wrote songs and songs, and rap, and I have a lot of fun with him

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